Invest in our no/low risk loan business and gain 10% – 14% profits every month.


iGAINProject is a NO/LOW risk investment scheme. Through this project, members invest with us and gain 10% - 14% profits on their investment every month. Funds gathered from this project are channeled into our highly on demand loan business (iLOANProject). We get hundreds of loan request daily due to the ease and competitive rates of our loans. The business is very spontaneous and profitable. Interest paid on loans are shared between our investors and us. Optimal checks and balances have been put in place to avoid unbearable risks. All funds invested with us and funds we disburse as loans are insured with a high profile insurance company. We also have in place a network of staff and agents across the nation for proper KYC and guarantors follow up. All our investors will receive Investment Certificate, Agreement Letter (Signed by our Legal Consulting Firm) and Stamped Deposit Printout from us.

There are two financial classes of persons around us; those who needed funds to solve certain needs and those who use their available funds to generate more funds. At AIDME, we understand this. So we took the mandate to stand as a contact point between these classes. You don't need to starch your funds in banks, getting little or no gain. There are people out who are desperate and ready to pay to use your cash for certain period. We help you get your cash to them, they use it and you get massive returns.

Earnings in iGAINProject is based on tenure/duration. The longer your investment period, the more you earn.


3 Months 10% Monthly
6 Months 11% Monthly
9 Months 12% Monthly
12 Months 14% Monthly

You join with a minimum investment of #30,000 (same for all plans).

You choose your desired plan.

We disburse you funds out as loan at a minimum rate of 20% per month. We receive loan repayment with interest and share profit between you and us.

Your returns (% gain on your investment) are paid to your specified bank account monthly.

At tenure maturity, your capital plus returns for that month are paid to your specified bank account.

You are allowed to reinvest your capital after tenure completion. 

You can do multiple investment with same or varrying tenure.


Pay desired investment capital to our account (AIDME BUSINESS SOLUTION, 1016072539, ZENITH BANK)


Click ‘iGAIN’ on main menu and click ‘Register’. Fill all details in Registration Form.



Send First Name, Last Name, Bank Name, Account Number, Email, Phone, LGA, State, Country, Investment Plans and payment details with proof via WhatsApp or Telegram to 08103386452 or email to igain@aidmecoops.com.ng



Investors documents (Certificate, Agreement letter, Stamped Deposit Printout) shall be sent to you. You are required to sign the Agreement Letter and send duplicate to us as soft copy via WhatsApp or Telegram to 08103386452 or email to igain@aidmecoops.com.ng

Your funds are safe. AIDME is a duly registered organisation. We are well structured with physical offices, board members, agents and members of staff nationwide. Our funds, assets and personnel are well insured with reputable insurance companies. We don't work alone, we have several partners across the nation. We are here to stay and you will surely thank goodness you are part of us.

No time to wait! And no time to waste!! Have you heard this saying that "If you keep waiting you will waste". The truth is that time and chance comes to all but does not wait for all. Your level of success in life is determined by your actions or inactions. Don't let the failure of yesterday deprive you of the success of today and tomorrow. The same class where others failed, others succeeded. Take this bold action today. JOIN iGAINProject AND WORK INTO UNLIMITED WEALTH.